Our Investment Philosophy

The following reflects the investment philosophy and beliefs of Bizle Property Investors

Exploiting undervalued situations
We believe there is significant upside potential in term of capital appreciation in residential property located in undervalued areas. These types of areas are typically regenerating with planned infrastructure upgrades and inflow of massive investment.

Risk Mitigation through Diversification
We believe in risk mitigation in property investing through diversification. Investing in residential real estate assets in areas with different rental demographics, demand profiles and property types is essential in order to mitigate property sector exposure. 
In addition, by allocating funds into complimentary property -related assets such as shares of house builders we can mitigate investment risks further.

Leveraging Knowledge Advantage
We believe inefficient markets exist and with knowledge advantage we can offer superior returns on property investments .We consistently look out for market information that can only ensure that we are “ahead of the curve”. There is evidence from several research papers , including by Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller, that real estate markets are not always informational efficient.

Property investing without macro forecasting
We believe consistently excellent performance can only be achieved through superior knowledge of investment destinations and the development pipeline, not through attempts at predicting what is in store for the economy, interest rates or the property markets.

Our Value Proposition
For all of Bizle Property Investors funds a common value proposition applies

  • Investments with a clearly defined strategy;
  • Investments with clearly defined returns targets;
  • Deploying little or no leverage;
  • Making investments that are transparent;
  • Using simple language to communicate with investors
  • A fee structure that is competitive, reasonable and aligns its interests with the investors;
  • Employing a high-quality independent administrator among a network of service providers such as legal advisers, trustees and independent valuers