One Stop Shop

Bizle Property Investors offers a one stop shop solution to property investors who prefer to build their own diversified portfolios of property investments in markets that we cover in Europe, North America, Asia and Middle East. Through our expert industry knowledge, we identify key cities that will deliver the best capital growth and income potential which allows investors to make informed and educated investment decisions.
We work on the principles of intensive due diligence and transparency with aim of delivering genuine yield and capital growth opportunities to a well-informed global investor base.
The service offerings are enabled by a veritable network of developers, conveyancers, mortgage lenders, letting agents , tax consultants among other service providers  in the markets we serve

What We Offer:

  • Advisory services to assist investors with the strategies to achieve their desired investment objectives
  • Assistance with selecting the best developments and units in respective residential markets
  • Asset management for investors with their own  portfolio of residential real estate
  • Connecting investors with letting agents in the markets we cover
  • Organising a property inspection (if necessary)
  • Organising mortgage loans for investors (if necessary and subject to eligibility)
  • Connecting investors with tax and law firms in the markets we cover
Property Investment Club (PIC)

We understand that not all prospective property investors want to/meet the minimum requirement to invest in   a regulated, tax-efficient property fund. Nevertheless, we introduce a vehicle for direct equity real estate investment using club structures. This involves various investors forming an investment club for this type of structure( could be initiated by BPI).
The investors are actively involved in the acquisition process. They can decide on the purchase of properties, but Bizle Property Investors as the asset manager is given the mandate for the management and sale of the properties so as to avoid conflicts of interest.
Unlike property funds investment clubs are unregulated. Potential investors in property clubs should seek financial and tax advice before investing.
For more information about property investment clubs contact us.

Social Media

Bizle Property Investors will use social media tools -Instagram, Twitter, You Tube and Facebook – to showcase images of new developments, floor plans and marketing videos that might be of interest to investors in cities around the world.
Through these media we can answer specific questions that investors might pose regarding these properties. A WhatsApp group would allow the investor community to exchange ideas.

 Property Emporium

Bizle Property Investors’ property emporium showcases new developments from developers in a number of property markets. Users get to register to receive information about each development as well as floorplans and brochures by email. If we are made aware of any incentives such as discounts and rental guarantees by individual developers , we communicate with registered users by email , sms or Whatapp in a timely manner.

Events Calendar

The Events calendar showcases property-related events around the world that investors should attend. This will include exhibitions, seminars, launches and investor conferences.
The Events calendar creates awareness of the new development pipelines in a number of countries among our investor community. Registered investors may receive sms alerts about upcoming events on their phones.
These property events are usually well-attended giving the investors the opportunity to network with other investors , developers and other professionals in the real estate sector.